Privacy Policy takes privacy seriously and wants to let you (user/visitor) know how we protect your privacy. In order to provide a good user or visitor experience, we collect data on our website that comes in 2 forms. Personal Data Any online form we have on our website is sent to us via email. All information filled out by a visitor (i.e. name, phone, email, questions/comments, etc.) on the form will be kept confidential and will not be released to any third party without written consent. If you feel uncomfortable filling out any information on our form(s), please feel free to contact us directly by phone or set an appointment with our staff. Statistical Data We collect statistical data on our website to help with marketing and research. All statistical data is anonymous and no personal information is recorded. This type of data can be used to show where and how visitors are finding our website. General geographic location and average time spent on website can also be tracked to help us identify where visitors are coming from and what pages are being viewed. Contact Us Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our privacy policy.
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