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    TtHIS IS FOR BEACH RIGHTS ONLY. THIS IS NOT BEING SOLD AS A BUILDING SITE. FULLY ACTIVATED LA COSTA BEACH CLUB AND TENNIS COURT RIGHTS. HAVE FULL ACCESS TO THIS WONDERFUL PRIVATE BEACH AND THE CLUB'S FACILITIES ALL SUMMER LONG. OWN A CHUNK (1 / 320 TH) OF THIS PRIVATE BEACH AND ALL IT'S AMENITIES. SPEND YOUR SUMMER AFTERNOONS AND EVENINGS WITH SOME OF THE NICEST FAMILIES IN MALIBU. MANY SPECIAL EVENTS ARE PLANNED, A TRADITION SINCE 1930. LA COSTA BEACH CLUB & TENNIS COURT RIGHTS These are activated, fully paid up beach rights including use of all facilities:showers, kitchen, 3 bar-b-ques, covered patio area, play structures, ping pong table, volley ball court, etc ... and of course a fabulous stretch of beach in the heart of MALIBU. The beach club also allows dogs under certain guidelines and there is a special beach access gate and key for dog owners. There are also 2 fully lit and well maintained tennis courts next to Las Flores Park at the bottom of Rambla Pacifico. That would be in close proximity and walking distance from the La Costa Beach Club. The Beach Club is located at 21440 Pacific Coast Highway. The Beach Club Activation Fee has just been paid ($100,000.00) and the annual dues (only $670.00) are paid for the coming summer. 3900 CARBON CANYON ROAD IS A VACANT LOT TWO DOORS UP FROM PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY This legally created lot is zoned R2 and falls under the jurisdiction of the City of Malibu (Not Los Angeles County.) Apparently there was once a 1930's roadside cottage on the parcel that was lost to fire sometime before the mid-1950's. It has never been rebuilt. It is located one door up from Los Angeles County Fire Station #70 at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Carbon Canyon Road. IMPORTANT FACTS TO CONSIDER: This lot does NOT present a geotechnical hazard to surrounding property. Annual brush clearance is NOT required for this parcel at this time. Only property owners of land with a book 4451 Assessors Parcel Number may buy into this beach club established in the 1930's. There are virtually no more parcels to activate. The beach club is closed at the present size of membership. Many of the La Costa Beach properties are second homes and as such this private beach rarely gets crowded. As owner of 3900 Carbon Canyon Road you would actually own 1 / 320 th of the La Costa Beach Club and it's tennis courts. This is a most valuable commodity that can be resold at some future date and is likely to appreciate. There are very low carrying costs associated with this Beach Club membership. The first $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) of this selling price will be credited as payment for the activation of the Beach Club & Tennis Court Rights. As such, only the remainder, that is actually paid for the land will be subject to the assessment of property taxes by the Los Angeles County Property Tax Assessor. Once again this represents a significant reduction in annual carrying costs for the property owner and holder of the beach rights.This should be verified by the buyer before purchase, by contacting the Los Angeles Tax Assessors Office. Seller has represented the preceeding and Buyer is advised to check with all permitting agencies and perform all applicable studies, and tests prior to purchase.

    • Price: $195,000
    • Listing Status: Active
    • Parcel Size: 0.19 Acres
    • Assessors Parcel #: 4451-011-007
    • Neighborhood: Carbon Canyon near PCH
    • Address: 3900 Carbon Canyon Rd
    • City: Malibu
    • Zip: 90265
    • State: CA

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